For over 30 years Emotion Media Factory (former Laserland) has created, developed and delivered high end Multi-Media show systems & installations globally, while also designing, producing and performing the show content.


We are

A globally operating multimedia attractions design and show production company based in Germany cooperating with a vast network of international artists and technical professionals.


Our mission is to design venues and produce spectaculars that create magical experiences and elevate attractions to “must-see” status.


Our vision is to be a world-leading producer of outstanding entertaining attractions and shows.



The founders of

Emotion Media Factory

Helmut Dörner, Ralph Douw and Robert Huber(from left to right).


Each with thier own set of skills the close net international management team has mastered challenges in many projects spread over the entire globe, leaving a trail of satisfied and reoccuring customers...

...and continue to push the boundries of multimedia entertainment.


Over the course of its history, Emotion Media Factory has built up an extensive knowledge and experience base to compliment its established market presence as a global leader in multimedia productions, concepts and technology. Emotion Media Factory has continually strived to make uncomplicated and reliable multimedia show systems with logical modular designed for various applications.


Established in Bavaria, Germany in 1984, Laserland’s original founders where Ralph Douw, Helmut Dörner, Robert Huber and Serge Douw. From its earliest beginnings Laserland strived to create fascinating and imaginative shows that encapsulate the audience. Such was the quality, class and innovativeness of Laserland’s productions that some of its earliest clients were high profile companies such as BMW, Siemens, Pepsi-Cola and Audi.


In 1990 Laserland GmbH was formed, enabling the company to pursue international interests. As Laserland’s reputation grew, so did the scale of its productions, and the reach of its name. In 1992, Laserland’s shows in Rio de Janeiro dazzled world leaders at the United Nations Earth Summit.


Laserland’s engineers worked to innovate and research new laser and multimedia technologies to enable more versatile and imaginative tools for the company’s show creators and designers, to produce with.


1996 saw the installation of a fully automatic laser show system on the new German cruise ship, the AIDA Cara. Moreover this event saw the birth of a fervent partnership between AIDA Cruise Lines and Laserland. Over the next decade, this relationship would grow, with Laserland systems being installed on 2 new AIDA ships. With AIDA planning the construction of 2 further vessels, this robust partnership can only grow stronger.


The turn of the century brought new changes in technology and international commerce. After a number of successful installations in addition to a string of stunning award winning shows in Europe, (including concerts with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and the Zeppelin Centennial Celebrations) interest arose in the Middle East and Asia, for Laserland’s excellence in concept development and productions.


A number of colossal shows in Qatar and Bahrain followed including a spectacular opening and closing ceremony for the World Squash Championships in Doha 2002.


In Korea a large scale multimedia fountain installation was completed in Kangwon Land, Korea’s leading casino. Including one of the worlds largest moveable screens set against a giant outdoor glass ‘magic cube’, the installation was hailed a stunning success. Coupled with a successful installation in Ulaanbaatar Laserland had gained a foothold in both the Middle Eastern and Asian markets.


In 2003 a fully fledged subsidiary was formed in Athens, Greece. After several market establishing events, the following year saw Laserland’s participation in Athens 2004 Olympics Games, supporting golden sponsors Coke-Cola and Samsung with over 75 shows, throughout the course of the games.


Testimony to the innovativeness and technological know-how within Laserland, a revolutionary product, the HoloPort® was completed in the pioneering Futurescope Film Park in Changchun, China in late 2004.


In 2005 Laserland further established itself as a world leader, with a spectacular state of the art multimedia installation in Hyderabad, India.


Additionally, the Holoport® technology was installed in the ultra-modern Beijing Capital Museum in 2005. The installation takes its place amonst other cutting edge modern multimedia displays, and enthrals guests with a unique demonstration.


Laserland’s show production team continues to produce ground-breaking, fascinating shows. The strong partnership between Laserland and BMW has blossomed with a number of events, including simultaneous Germany-wide launches for BMW 1-Series and 3-Series automobiles.


Demonstrating its stretch over all media forms, Laserland developed the centre piece of the Chiang Mai Night Safari Park, Northern Thailand, in 2006. Featuring a floating platform of water fountains, and waterscreen, coupled with light, laser, video and sound the installation delights guests every night.


Laserland GmbH rebranded to "Emotion Media Factory GmbH" beginning 2008. Laser was only one part of the core business of "Multimedia" now.


In South Korea, 2006, Emotion Media Factory was commissioned to install a massive outdoor entertainment installation. The installation, which was a three phase project over the years 2006, 2007 and 2008, features one of the largest fountain multimedia installations in Korea, including, water fountains, fire, laser, light, video, sound all harmoniously synchronized performing to guests and visitors each night.


Emotion Media Factory continued its association with the cruise ship industry in 2007, with the new AIDA cruise ship Diva, featuring a unique laser installation. Two more AIDA vessels in 2008 and 2009 respectively feature Emotion Media Factory installations.


During the years 2010 to 2017 Emotion Media Factory has designed, planned and implemented several international high class multimedia entertaiment systems with award winning quality in China, Ukraine, Turkey, India and Germany. Worldwide hundreds of thousands of guests view the spectacular Emotion Media Factory shows daily...somewhere in the world.


With combined market presence, history, experience and know-how, Emotion Media Factory’s shows and installations continue to fascinate, astound, and leave a lasting impression on audiences throughout the world on a daily basis. Coupled with international offices spread over the world and a robust network of partners and relationships.