Emotion Media Factory stages the next grandiose multimedia show – Swan Lake Fantasy– on the fountains it designed and built, Multimedia Fountain Roshen Ukraine, Europe’s biggest floating multimedia fountain.


Roshen Multimedia Fountain in Ukraine is not just the biggest floating multimedia fountain installation in Europe. No, this stage, which is a water show, laser show, music show and light show rolled into one, is one of the most spectacular open-air multimedia shows in Europe at the moment. Colourful water fountains up to 70 metres in height surround a screen made of water spray onto which a story lasting 20 to 25 minutes is projected every evening with high-performance video systems. Multimedia Fountain Roshen attracts more than 20,000 visitors a week to the city of Vinnytsia to experience in real 3-D an emotional spectacle of water and light bathed in brilliant colours.


Emotion Media Factory not only completely designed and produced this magnificent fountain installation, Multimedia Fountain Roshen Ukraine, but has also put on more and more new spectacular shows since the installation started in 2011. For instance “The Elves Show”, “Inventions” or “The Music Story”. The newest release “Swan Lake Fantasy” is a co-production between Emotion Media Factory and the Ukrainian company Watershow.Pro. The theme is a total re-interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. “The idea underlying the re-design of the story was that the modern digital world with its information overload is trying to distance people, that they have become cold and superficial as a result. A girl from today, a future hero, and evil – ... and only true love can overcome any obstacle”, was the explanation given by the designers Vladimir Kaminskiy, Sergei Krutsenko and Yuri Kostenko from ‘Watershow.Pro‘. This Ukrainian team wrote the concept and produced the show with assistance from the multimedia professionals from Bavaria. Ralph Douw, Director of Emotion Media Factory Laserland GmbH: “I would say these people belong to the best multimedia specialists in the Ukraine and we look forward to future co-operations”.


Like all the other Emotion Media Factory productions for Multimedia Fountain Roshen, Swan Lake Fantasy captivates with a spectacular combination of technology and multimedia creativity, which Ralph Douw stages with his team of specialists and worldwide partner firms in visual masterpieces of virtuoso style on a regular basis around the globe. “I’m proud that we are able to carry out such gigantic, fascinating multimedia projects together with companies from other countries and cultures.”


What is gigantic in every respect is the ultramodern technology of the entire installation, which is about as long as a football pitch. Ralph Douw: “It involves 277 jets, 67 pumps, 560 LED underwater floodlights, 4 engines, 23 frequency inverters and 240 solenoid valves. The video projection onto the water screen requires two 15,000 Ansi Lumen and in parallel there is a dazzling total of four laser lights on, through and above the water. Two 15-Watt RGB lasers and two 18-Watt RGBY lasers. Plus a very complex computerised control of the water jets together with light, laser and music.” And to prevent the winter months damaging this equipment mounted on a huge platform, it is sunk several metres below the water surface on a riverbed. “Really gigantic“, laughs the Director, giving the impression that no multimedia challenge is ever too big for him.