Emotion Media Factory has developed a New 3-D Projection technology HoloPort® where spectators do not need to wear 3D glasses or any other vison tool to see 3D high resolution animations and images in the Brother Grimms libary.


The Theatre has a total area of 120m². The Visitors are seated on 40 comfortable chairs and watch the Grimms in 3D in there library where they experience a small drama with the magical book. Europapark’s „creative team“ developed the story and designed the interior design for the library.


Emotion Media Factory´s task was to use the HoloPort® to produce a virtual 3D world with high resolution character animation and 3D Still images to project also parts of the interior. A further highlight in the Theatre is, the live integration of visitors in the show! Some selected persons can see them self as Giant, a King, or a Witch in the movie.