The HoloPort® developed by Emotion Media Factory is a unique attraction where spectators do not need 3D glasses, or any other viewing tools to see realistic 3D images, interacting live with real performers and special effects. Special effects like light-, laser-, bubble-, and fog effects added to the show to fulfill and complete the fascinating mix between the virtual and real world.


The 10 min. 3D show named "A Journey to Paradise" was created, developed, produced and implemented by Emotion Media Factory in only 3 months total. The story revolves around 2 teenagers who enter a magic library from which they are then transported into different magical worlds. The story touches everyone from children to elders and offers the wide spectrum of audience a very different experience to any 3D or 4D cinema.


"The Magic House" is located in the Phoenix City Shopping complex in Chennai India in the family entertainment zone alongside several other attractions offered by iPlay India.


Technical: The total room size including pre show, spectators seating and performance area is 22m deep, 8m wide, and 5m high with an audience capacity of 40 seats. The system is fully automated (operator controlled) and runs 4 shows per hour, 10 hours daily.


Applications: The HoloPort® was developed and engineered by Emotion Media Factory for use in many different applications where 3D is requested without glasses such as entertainment centers, dark rides, theaters and stage shows. Installation size is fully adaptable and thus the HP can easily be integrated in existing venues.