Emotion Media Factory produced a new 30 minutes multimedia show "Inventions" for Multimedia Fountain Roshen in Ukraine.


The idea for the Inventions show was inspired by the major milestones of human inventions. Mechanical, Electrical, Analogue and then finally Digital. The concept developed by the Emotion Media Factory creative team was to create a multimedia show with very many different elements of media combinations. For each era of time we chose a different approach and visual look. The music was individually composed and produced for each scene together with Alexius Tschallener (Music4Films).


The scenes shifted from a huge steam engine created by the large water effects and sound, morphing slowly into a “train” using the full 100 meters of fountain effects, through the mechanical era with cars and bikes floating across the massive water screen. Reaching the Electric era sparks and lasers fill the sky above the audience. In the pre Computer era a huge oscilloscope displays analogue morphing patterns on a 70m wide water jet screen. Grids of Laser beams fill the entire sky as we enter into the Digital era with Hologram like projections onto the entire fountains, ending in a mighty final fountain display.