Multimedia attraction extravaganza: The Magical Box, in combination with the fountain during daylight hours the box appears mirrored, but at night it is illuminated to reveal its interior. At night a globe can be seen, some 20 meters in diameter. The special lighting effects give the impression that the globe is rotating and displays the five continents of the world.


Inside the globe is the "Dome Cinema". The "Dome Cinema" has a diameter of 18 meters and is used as the projection area. Video images from TV, DVD, or VHS sources are projected directly into the dome. These images fill almost two thirds of the space. As a result of the various depths of the room, a new laser video system is used to ensure that the images are not distorted. Outside the "Miracle World Box" is the largest fully-automatic screen (24 m x 24 m) in the world! Lighting effects, laser projections and synchronized choreographies ensure a unique and unforgettable experience.


All of the technology used in and around the "Miracle World Box" was designed, developed and installed by Emotion Media Factory/Laserland.